About Us

Velocity Business Partners, LLC is an automotive technology company designed to assist automotive dealerships in the selection of technological products that best fit their needs. This firm has a no-nonsense approach that sets us apart from our competitors. Velocity Business Partners, LLC has acquired a choice selection of technology partners which allows us the versatility and the means to provide a custom fit solution for each dealership’s unique situational needs. As technology evolves, product innovation evolves. Velocity Business Partners, LLC. has constantly got it’s finger on the pulse of these advancements in the field and will provide you new and exciting products designed to increase your dealership’s market penetration; more units mean higher profits. Our partnerships allow Velocity Business Partners, LLC to provide your dealership with the latest and best selection of technology products and services, while maintaining an affordable budget for you. At Velocity Business Partners, LLC, the products we offer are flexible to your specific needs and the fact that we do not create the technology gives us the clarity to better guide you in your selection.

Our firm is a full service company offering dealerships Sales, Internet Sales, Service and F&I product training. Our products include iPhone/Android Dealership Applications, Client Retention Management software, Custom Website Development, Search Engine Optimization and many other innovative products in the automotive field. We are very selective of the partnerships we make and we search for products that do not have a huge learning curve for the employees that will use it on a regular basis. A “plug and play” product should not be difficult to use, just effective to sell. We offer a full dealership roll-out for each product that you select as well as offering continued servicing of your dealership with ongoing training and employee turnover. In addition to being a dealership technology company, Velocity Business Partners, LLC offers Internet consulting and search engine optimization products, specifically Geo-Targeted marketing campaigns, both digital and conventional, to assist our dealerships in traversing the ever changing world wide web.


Our Mission


To be the best choice in affordability, implementation, and efficiency in providing the most innovative technology, products and/or advice to our dealers;

To lay the groundwork for our dealers to increase their sales opportunities, dealership transparency and enhance their client retention built upon our solid foundation of knowledge and ethics intermixed with integrity, allowing us to serve our community and others through our investment in the long-term success of our clients;

We strive to establish the highest of standards in quality and focus our considerable energies on consistent performance, while ensuring that every product and every client interaction conforms to a standard of excellence;

Our goal is to give our clients the right product(s) and/or guidance for the right price for their specific need.