Do you blog?

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Do you blog?

Do you blog?
Maybe I should ask, do you want more traffic on your website? This may not feel like the same question, however one certainly will help the other. When you are blogging, your website activity will dramatically increase the traffic when you have good information to share.

A very good example is a plumbing company that releases different helpful suggestions about maintenance or maybe questions they get on a regular basis. You want something that sparks quick interest and something very useful to your client. You are the professional of your trade, so you know what will help your clients and prospects. Everyone likes free stuff, there is no exception to free information. Blogging about your trade builds value in your knowledge, trust in your company and increases future prospects for your client base.

Now just because you are blogging on your site does not drive people to your site. It is important to backlink your site from other popular sites and social engines. A backlink is a link in a blog or even a comment on a blog that brings the reader to your site when they click on it. So include some links in your blog to other pages in your site (i.e. product, services, contact us, etc.). Also copy your blog that day and paste it in Squidoo ( or another popular trade site. You should have about ten sites you participate with on a regular basis and use their traffic to benefit your company. Take the time to do this routinely and pick a new different site each time to increase the volume of backlinks on the web.

A lot of business owners do not have the resources or the time to complete this task on regular basis. So we do offer this service on a weekly basis and it is very affordable. Check out our services page for pricing and availability. We also can show you how to really penetrate your market or even your direct competitors market by clicking here. That’s right, a couple of backlinks to two of our sites. This blog just might end up on other very popular websites, blogs and trade sites.


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