Happy Clients

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Happy Clients

How important are happy customers? If you go through the history of your sales and really think back, is there a possibility that you can think of an unhappy customer?  Maybe two?  Clients today have all types on online media (e.i. google, topix, yahoo, facebook, twitter, etc.) to express thier dissatisfaction of a purchase experience.  These notes regarding their point of view get posted with no rebuttals unless a loyal client posts behind them with assuming they take the time.  This is an incredibly free opportunity for a dealerships to get happy clients on the Internet with text posts of experiences, even after sale videos posted on youtube and your website.

Every dealership has downtime, you know when your traffic dies down and employees want turn to technology for something to do.  This is the time to strike and empower your employees to go to the Internet  and get client experiences on the Internet.  Send emails to happy clients with easy links to free web media sites to post a great experience.  Make sure the salesperson or service advisor asks the client to mention the dealer name, website and even their name. This is absolutely free and most companies do not use it.

Dealerships pay an average about of $600 per car sold.  You cannot forget the impact that a happy client can make on your bottom line and how much too many negative posts can stop someone from ever walking into your store.  This is an effective way to advertise your dealership that costs you nothing, absolutely free.  No catches or gimmicks just free.  If you start doing it today you could even see the benefits, however the real return is in the future when you have twenty good reviews for every bad one.  Lets face it, you cannot make everyone happy, but you can show a real reflection of the satisfaction of your client base.  Educate your clients, so they can tell the world wide web.

See what people are saying about your company and google your dealership.

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