Service Websites

Service Statistics

– $200 Billion/Year Business
– 15-20% of dealership revenue
– 40-50% of dealership profit

Service, Parts, and Accessories are an integral part of a successful dealership.  While responsible for only a small portion of the revenue a dealership sees each year, the overhead is typically so low that this department can represent half of a dealership’s profit.  So why do the majority of car dealerships neglect the Service and Parts portion of their online marketing?

Chances are, your dealership is losing the digital marketing battle against national service brands like Sears Auto Center, Jiffy Lube, Meineke, and Firestone, as well as your local body shops.  A simple search in your favorite search engine will show these brands and shops dominating the search results, with your local car dealership nowhere to be found.

To combat this and claim your place in the search engine results, dealers need a stand-alone service website to help fight back against these brands and increase the amount of business your service department earns.

DealerOn Custom Service Sites were designed with this purpose in mind.

Our sites include:

  1. Pages for Each Service You Dealership Provides
  2. Persuasive Calls to Action on Each Page
  3. Dedicated Staff Pages Designed to Instill Trust
  4. Relevant Landing Pages for PPC and Email Marketing Campaigns
  5. Service Blogs to Increase SEO and Customer Knowledge
  6. Ability to Have Parts and Accessories Catalogues Online
  7. Coupon Visuals Upon Arrival and Abandon of the Site
  8. Click to Call on Mobile Sites
  9. Online Scheduling Through DMS Integration
  10. Accurate and Relevant Analytics

After adding a DealerOn Custom Service Website to your dealership’s online marketing efforts, you will see the following benefits:

  1. Improved SEO Traffic and Leads Site Wide     Increasing the amount of relevant service, parts, and accessories content will help your dealership website rank higher for related terms in organic search.
  2. Improved PPC Traffic and Leads, Lower Costs With dedicated landing pages, PPC costs will go down as conversion and relevancy goes up.
  3. Increased Email Marketing Effectiveness     Send your customers to a relevant, dedicated webpage to provide specials and information to maximize retention and revenue.
  4. Increased Social Media Interaction     Tailor offers for fans, provide contests and incentives to encourage social sharing.
  5. Maximized Service Site Conversion     Use coupons, rebates, specials, analytics to convert as much traffic into leads as possible.

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