iPad Menu

Welcome to the menu (r)evolution.

It’s been a long time coming, my friend.  Ten years of selling products using text. Ten years of re-printing menus after the customer requested more options.  Ten years…man, that’s a lot of money down the proverbial drain. It’s time for progress and innovation.  It’s time for iTapMenu.  A universe-class, patent-pending money tree.  We’ve built a better mouse trap.  And this could catch Mickey himself.  So, buckle up.  And welcome to the (r)evolution.


Two-column Menu Welcome to a re-invention of the F&I menu.  Using our exclusive two-column menu, you can slide products in and out of the “customer selections” option and the payments automatically adjust.  Genius.







Three-column Menu A more traditional structure, our three-column menu has a game changing feature exclusive to iTapMenu.  You can tap the “compare” button next to any column and you move that option into our two-column menu automatically.






Product Snapshots Tired of selling expensive, intangible products from a two inch text box? We got you covered. Simply tap any product and you can present much more info, and you can customize it anyway you’d like.We even include statistical or visual information about every product on the planet.

VIDEO iTap also provides short informational videos that describe an important benefit about each product.

PRICING Ready to discuss price?  Now, you’re in control.  You can display up-front discounts, you can change the pricing on the iPad, and iTap even breaks the product cost down by the monthly and daily change in the payment.

INFO We even include statistical or visual information about every product on the planet.



Accept / Decline – Once a re-payment selection has been made, iTap automatically takes you to a built-in “accept-decline” form.  The ultimate compliance tool.

Signature – You guessed it.  The customer agrees to the transaction by finger-signing right on the iPad.

Compliance – When finished, iTap allows you to email this form directly to the customer.  Or, you can print from your iPad or desktop.  And, we store this completed transaction for you digitally.





Detailed Reports

DASHBOARD On-line and in real-time.  Your goals are even integrated into the reports.  And the first ever “messaging” section.  Dealer authorized personnel can add and read messages instantly.  Man, that’s cool.

DETAIL  – iTap automatically breaks your numbers down and compares them to your goals.  And you can view this by individual F&I Managers, Sales Managers, Salespeople, and even lenders.  You’re welcome.



For more information about the iTapMenu, please call 404-307-5858 or e-mail us.