Service Drive Menu

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The Service Drive Menu Program is an online menu selling program completely customized to each service department. For each of your new vehicle franchises, we begin by supplying you with the manufacturer’s maintenance recommendations, broken out by Year / Model and Mileage.  To these minimum recommendations you can add additional Preferred Services that you’d like presented to your customers at specific mileage intervals, as well as Additional Services to Consider, that’d you like to always be in front of your customers. Once you price out the service bundles, we create an online menu program that, with a click of a button, will give your service advisors the ability to instantly select the year / model and mileage of the customers’ vehicle, and print out an accurately priced, exact menu of services for that mileage.

 Additional features include:

  • A customized and individual menu for every year / model and mileage interval, and even engine and transmission type
  • Services accurate to the manufacturers recommendations ensure full compliance
  • Pricing that accurately achieves your profit and labor hour goals
  • The year / model and mileage printed on each menu are highly credible with your customers
  • Three separate fields of services, with independent totals, add together to become the Preferred Package
    • Minimum recommendations
    • Preferred recommendation
    • Additional services to consider
  • Complete customization of every field of service, gives you maximum flexibility in products and services that you want presented, every time to every customer
  • Select or de-select a particular service, and the program instantly recalculates the menu totals
  • Menu format customized to your service department including logos, service hours, website and contact information, as well as special feature highlights
  • Menus live and online, are created in real time, and therefore always accurate
  • Menus are always accurate with pricing changes within one business day
  • Menus can be saved to a file and emailed to your customers
  • Before a customer leaves, you can print a menu of services for their next visit

Demo video features that are include: Click Here (Flash is Required)

For more information about the Service Drive Menu and an online/ in store demo,  please call 404-307-5858 or e-mail us.